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Leadership Boot Camps
Leadership training classes, Leadership development workshops, leadership style assessment and interpretation services.

Individual Counseling 
Counseling services are available for individuals who are currently in, or have been in, or have witnessed a domestic violence relationship.  Services are also available for individuals who have been a victim of sexual assault or struggle with substance abuse.  Additional counseling services are available for issues relating to parenting, career, vocational and referral. 
Couples Counseling 
Counseling and support services are available for couples who want to improve in the areas of communication, problem solving and team building in order to maintain or improve healthy relationships.  Communication style assessment and interpretation services.

Career Services
Career classes and workshops, resume writing and cover letter development, job search assistance, career assessment and interpretation services.

Domestic Violence Support Group
A support group that provides a safe place to discuss emotions and feelings, learn coping skills and process issues relating to domestic violence.

Parenting Services
Parenting classes, parenting style assessment and interpretation services. 

52-week Batterer's Intervention Program
Court Ordered Services. 

52-week Child Abuser's Treatment Program

Court Ordered Services. 

Anger Management

Court Ordered Services. 

Substance Abuse

Court Ordered Services. 

All groups require completion of an intake and assessment prior to beginning attendance.