Corporate Training and Consulting   

Professional service designed to assist businesses in developing and achieving goals that lead to an organization's success.

* Leadership Development
* Corporate Training and Development
* Personal Counseling
Corporate Workshops
* Assessment and Interpretation (MBTI, True Colors, Inner Heros, Strength Finder)

Career Exploration and Development, Coaching and Counseling 

Career assessments and counseling that helps individual's know and understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career and life decisions.  

Career coaching helps individual's recognize that career exploration and development is a lifelong process and is more than just deciding on what job you want or if the job you are in is a best fit for you based on your interests, values, skills and personality.  

* Career Assessment and Interpretation (MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, True Colors, CAPS, COPS, COPES)
* Cover Letter/Resume Development and Review
* Job Search


Personal and Executive Business coaching to help individual's succeed by improving their personal and business life, overall health and well-being on their life transition during periods of change and, personal and professional development journey's.   

* Personal, Business and Executive Coaching and Counseling

Counseling and Therapy
* Individual, Couple and Family Therapy and Counseling